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TECNOIMPIANTI has been operating worldwide in the textile industry for 30 years, designing and manufacturing plants in order toenhance and optimize textile production, decreasing costs more and more.

Our business philosophy is based on continuous research and development of new electronic and mechanical technologies, we study solutions for maximum energy savings, we base our work on the long experience of our staff in this field.

The collaboration that TECNOIMPIANTI has developed with leading companies worldwide in the construction of textile machinery, has led to a complete range of systems for every department of the textile industry.
Our professionals design, implement, install and test all our products on-site anywhere in the world to offer our customers the latest solutions and to customize them to meet their production needs.

The headquarters of TECNOIMPIANTI consists of offices, workshops, assembly plants and shipping warehouses; it has also two detachments used as: mechanical and electrical workshops, combined with our Department of Research and Development.

Our company is able to design and develop any type of plant for the textile industry with customized solutions for each client.